Ever fancied two weeks with the Queen?Reading this book you'll know what it's like!

Two Weeks With The Queen By Morris Gleitzman !

Two Weeks With The Queen is a book for people aged 10-13 and a winner of The Family Award in 1990. It’s about an Australian boy called Colin Mudford whose brother gets cancer, that will kill him. When this is discovered Colin is sent to live with relatives in England by his parents.

We thought that it discussed important issues but the language used didn’t really fit the themes. It had an emotional ending but parts of the book were funny. It was a quick and easy read however that didn’t really suit the themes of the book.

We gave it 3 out of 5 stars for the fact that it explores modern problems but has large print on not that many pages and much too simple language.

‘I thought that the book was interesting  but the language doesn’t fit with the story at times’

‘The story lines don’t really match the serious and important message this book contains.’
'A Gem of a book!'-Guardian
Winner of the children's book award!

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  1. I'm sad you only gave this book 3/5 - I really enjoyed it!


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