The Explorer

Exploring ‘The Explorer’

The Explorer is an adventure book by Katherine Rundell. It features 4 children crashing into the Amazon Jungle who have to find food, shelter and a way to escape if they want to survive.
On the way to a Brazilian city called Manaus, they meet many trials and need to learn to cooperate with each other. Fred, the main protagonist of the story just wants to prove to his dad he is more than he seems. Con, who hates her home life wishes that she could escape and find a new life. Lila is a caring person who has to look after her younger brother, Max, who doesn’t understand what’s what, is excited by the idea of exploring.
We all have personal opinions on the book.
One bookworm said “It was a very interesting book which lacked action.”
Another said “ It was very descriptive but the pace was too slow.”
 Why should you read it?
It’s an amazing story with great reviews:
'A very exciting adventure story - I loved it' Jacqueline Wilson
 The story line is interesting with some twists. Although it is a long book, the character development is good and we find out more about their previous lives.
If you like Wolf Wilder, Northern Lights, The Hobbit, The Hunger Games or Lord of the Flies then this is the book for you!


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