A black-hearted old woman , an escaped prisoner and a beautiful girl , Dickens novel is a masterpiece of psychological and moral truth on how Pip grows , to reach his Great Expectations.

It's a book about the orphan Pip's self-discovery and takes him on a journey to become a gentleman . On his journey , he falls in love with a beautiful girl called Estella , who lives with the strange Miss Havisham , who is living in her past after a traumatic experience . On his journey he meets some well-made characters , who guide him on his unexpected journey .

One of the best parts of the book is meeting the crippled Miss Havisham , whose life has been turned upside down and hasn't been able to turn it back the right way up . She is a peculiar woman , whose perception of the world is misshapen by a significant event in her life .

We really enjoyed this book even though it was a challenge in some places due to the vocabulary.
We recommend this book to people who enjoy a challenge!

Written by Kyna Love