Noughts & Crosses


Noughts & Crosses is a gripping novel addressing problems with racism now and in the past to make sure our future isn't like our past. The story is focused on the lives of two friends, Sephy and Callum, who are both different races and are frowned upon due to their close relationship. In their world Noughts and Crosses don't mix well together, which results in conflict. As the book continues Sephy's and Callum's relationship is tested to the limit as the world around them erupts into uncontrollable chaos.

Reviews on the book:
"I found the book really interesting and I wish it would go on for longer!"

"I thought the book had an amazing story line with lots of unexpected twists . I would recommend this book to anyone of a similar age."

"An exciting page turner that really absorbed you and makes you really consider the way they used to live."

"Malorie Blackman has a real gift for writing!"

"The book  is an incredible story and once you have started reading it, it is hard to stop."